Easily produce & distribute 100s of videos, images and text with our automated system
Scale your content without the chaotic process.
"In 30 days we tripled our content output with two fewer video editors" — Juan Alcala, Tru Living Group
Are you a serious personal brand, agency or marketing team trying to scale content like Gary Vee? You're in the right place.

This content system helps teams:

Save 1000's of hours by automating repetitive tasks

Significantly boost your content output across all channels

Build a stress-free content team and workflow

Multiply your content using AI & ChatGPT

Integrated auto-posting & analytics

— Kevin Leahy, Podcast producer for Guy Raz, NPR, Bigger Pockets & other high level influencers.

From 1 post a day to 100+ per week

Hi, I'm Stephen Pope, creator of the Kontent Engine Database. After selling my 7-figure tech firm, I started creating content to get clients for my next business. But I got overwhelmed by trying to create and publish so much content. Content creation and social media will suck up all of your time if you don't have an efficient system.

Gary Vee makes content creation look easy with his big team.

But most of us don’t have that luxury. I’m an engineer, so I thought, why not automate this?

So I built an automated system for planning, producing, and distributing content.

*Included Performance Dashboard

Building this system for myself took a couple of years and it was never meant to be a product—but when I made TikToks about the system for fun, people wanted to buy it. 

So, I started selling it, continued to refine it, making it better and better. It's always evolving.

Now it's helping more than 100+ clients easily produce and distribute 1000's of videos all across social media.

Save a ton of time and do more of what you want.

Introducing the Kontent Engine DB
An all-in-one turnkey system that automates every part of your content process.
What a streamlined content workflow looks like 
PlanningImagine being able to automate every aspect of the planning process from content ideation, to scripting, to scheduling, to prepping for the shoot.
Organization: Automatically streamline file management, folder creation, tracking files, with tagging and search to find anything easily.
Production: Never worry about where something is by keeping your team in sync with notifications, due dates, a clear status, and SOPs, all in one place.
AI & ChatGPT: Significantly increase content production by using AI to write content like text posts and blogs from existing video content.
Auto Posting: Automatically post content to multiple platforms without having to re-upload and schedule it again in another system.
Analytics: No more guessing on what to do next, make actionable improvements with detailed analytics on how your content performs across social media.
Watch the video to see it in action
Included resources

Airtable database template

Zapier automation templates

Step-by-step video instruction

Sample editor guidelines + SOPs

Free Lifetime Updates

Get new updates to version 2 as they come out

12 weeks of support

Weekly group Q&A calls

Private Slack channel

And it’s 100% customizable
More than 100+ teams have collectively published 1000's of videos using this content system
Ready to scale? Start today
After purchasing you'll get an email on how to access the automated content system, instruction to set it up, a private Slack channel & weekly Q&A calls.

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  • Can I manage multiple brands (or clients)?
    Yes the system explicitly supports multiple brands (or clients for agencies). You do NOT need to install multiple KEDB systems to support multiple brands or clients. Manage all your brands, personal, business, clients all in ONE KEDB system.

    Many of our best clients are video agencies because they already understand video workflow and produce a lot of video which requires a lot of organization and SOPs.

    It can also keep cloud storage separated by brands for easy sharing.
  • What are the monthly subscription costs?
    To start, you only need a "Team" Airtable subscription ($20/month).

    A "Starter" Zapier subscription ($20/month).

    And a "Business Starter" Google Account ($6/month).

    You can use the Frame.io *FREE* plan to start.

    The total cost is ~ $46/month.

    As you produce more content and grow your team you'll need larger subscriptions.

  • What time are the Q&A Calls?
    Every Tuesday @ 11 AM Pacific.
  • Does this work for video agencies?
    We have specific support for video agencies. The system supports multiple brands and clients. We also make it easy for clients to upload videos, or folders for processing. It's also easy to notify and return final edits to your client to give you feedback via Frame.io.

    Taking on more clients and scaling your agency will be easy.

    Then you can allocate all that reclaimed time to grow your business, instead of tracking down videos, or emailing your team or putting out fires with your clients.

    Agencies are often our best clients. And your clients will love you!
  • How long does it take to set up & implement?
    Set up time: It's a little different for everyone—some just a few hours, some a bit longer. The instructions are very detailed and helpful, and you can ask all the questions you need in Slack or on the group calls.

    Adoption timeline: It depends—but many clients get up and running very quickly and never even attend any calls at all. Most attend the Q&A calls a couple times. And then return here and there to refine their set up over time.
  • How do the free updates work?
    You will get lifetime access to version 2.xx Kontent Engine and any updates are free of charge. Updates are released within the course material as they come out. You will be given instructions on how to update your system. I'm always taking feedback from clients and improving the system.
  • What happens after I buy?
    1. You'll get a confirmation email. 2. A program agreement to sign. 3. Then direct access to the program. 4. Access to a private Slack group. 5. A link to the group Zoom Q&A call 6. After that, you get started! It's easy.
  • Can you install the system for me?
    Want to spend your time doing something more valuable than installing Airtable and Zapier automations?

    We can save you 2 to 5 work days (depending on your tech skills) by doing the install for you.

    PLUS we'll give you TWO 1-on-1 onboarding and strategy calls to customize and accelerate the onboarding.

    The additional investment is $2,997 (this is a separate charge on top of the investment for KEDB).

    After you purchase KEDB we'll send you another email where you select to purchase the done-for-you install.

Questions? email support@kontentengine.io

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